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Our passion is helping our customers transform their builder-grade, outdated or underutilized back yards into the upscale backyard of their dreams.

Our passion is helping....backyard of their dreams. We strive to provide the best customer service, quality and craftsmanship possible with every project. No matter if you are looking for an update for your backyard, to add amenities like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or privacy screen or if you are looking to update the interior of your home, we are the contract for you. We custom design each project to meet the homeowner?s needs and use our years of experience and trusted processes to ensure we deliver on your vision.

Before & After Transformations

Backyard updates provide an instant upgrade to your home. Our outdoor solutions transform backyards into completely new spaces and can change the entire feel of your backyard. There are so many options available to meet the exact needs of your family.

Removing a pergola and adding a patio cover or pavilion changes how you can utilize a space and upgrades the entire look. Adding a pergola pool-side enhances the look of your pool space and provides a great space to take a quick break or relax while you watch your kids in the pool. Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or firepits enable you to use your outdoor space even more - cook outside during the summer without heating up your home, during the winter cuddle up outside with the fireplace or roast some marshmallows on the firepit. There are limitless options with how you can transform your space ranging from simple upgrades to adding an entirely new living space.

Featured Patio Remodel and Pool Upgrade Project

Our clients had two requirements for their backyard project. They wanted to update their patio space and remodel their swimming pool.

Their existing patio structure was worn, and the design of their patio was outdated. Their goals with this patio upgrade were to update the look to a more modern design, add more shade, seating space and a fireplace so their patio could be used day and night. We removed their pergola, added an open gable pavilion, a fireplace, and added a stamped concrete patio.

Their swimming pool needed to be redone so we completed a full pool remodel for them. We removed the old tile, coping, decking and plaster and replaced all of it transforming their pool with an entirely new look and feel.

Patio Remodel Before & After

Patio Before & After Patio Before & After Patio Before & After

Pool Upgrade Before & After

Pool Before & After Pool Before & After

Attached Pergola Addition

Our clients wanted additional covered space by their pool for shade and more seating. Their family was spending more and more time outdoors but were running out of places to hide from the summer sun. This pergola was the perfect solution for them, and it enhances the entire look of their space. It didn't add a heavy footprint and was a great budget-friendly solution to their main concern.

Pool Before & After Pool Before & After

Patio Cover Addition

Our clients wanted to add outdoor living space and desired a solution that would look as if it was original to the home. We removed their builder-grade patio slab and installed a new, larger concrete patio. They did not have an existing patio cover and due to the placement of windows on the back of their home we added a combination type cover - a hip style roof on the left and an open gable style on the right. The patio cover with their specific selections (paint color to match their home and the light-colored stain on the tongue & groove ceiling) elevates the look of the home and transforms their backyard, enhancing it with an entirely new living space.

Pool Before & After Pool Before & After

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