Outdoor Kitchens

Many homeowners include an outdoor kitchen in their backyard improvement projects. There are two main reasons for this. First is that being the easiest and most cost-effective way to add this feature to your project is when you’re already having work done. This allows the outdoor kitchen to be built right into the plans allowing us to fit the outdoor kitchen seamlessly into the space. Secondly, when we come to install only an outdoor kitchen, we’ll have to work around what you currently have to have the kitchen fit the space correctly which could require us to revise the design the client had in mind. If we build the outdoor kitchen into the space when we’re adding the structure or additional patio space, we can ensure the outdoor kitchen is built exactly how you’re envisioning it without restrictions.
Outdoor Kitchens Spring, TX

Outdoor Kitchens Spring, TX Outdoor kitchens are a practical investment due to all the benefits that they provide. They add value to your outdoor space allowing you to further use a space you already have. Extend your cooking space for the holidays and parties you are hosting. Give your AC a break in the summer and use your outdoor kitchen for dinners instead of heating up the kitchen inside. Keep your kids from tracking in the mud or water from the pool by having them utilize the fridge on the patio or grab their lunch or snack and eat poolside. With your new, professionally designed outdoor kitchen, your outdoor space will become perfect to extend your time with family and friends allowing for more memory-making moments.

Hiring the right contractor for the job is key for outdoor kitchens. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to building and installing this type of amenity. We have built numerous outdoor kitchens for clients in many shapes and sizes. We have the required experience, skills, and creativity in creating your dream outdoor kitchen. We can provide you with recommendations on design, size, location, and appliance selections. We will help you select the right amenities for your kitchen including a grill, burner, refrigerator, storage, sink and more. We’ll design with your plans in mind to ensure we have the adequate space to install it all correctly and ensure it is laid out appropriately for your intended use. Your outdoor kitchen is unique to your home and space and therefore the appliances you select also need to be the right ones for the job.
Outdoor Kitchens Spring, TX

Additionally, there are kits and prefabricated outdoor kitchens that you can purchase for your home. The advantage of us building your outdoor kitchen is we do it from the ground up. From the cement (if needed), to the steel frame, all the way through to the granite or quartz top we have a hand in building it all. This allows us to provide you with a two-year warranty of materials and workmanship as well as a limited five-year warranty on the structural components. You won’t find that with a kit or prefabricated purchase. Let us use our years of experience designing and building outdoor spaces to help you choose the right elements for your outdoor kitchen. Our outdoor kitchens feature top-notch design and the finest building materials so your kitchen outside, will last as long as your kitchen inside. Click here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Gallery. »

Our service area focuses on the cities of Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and Cypress, but extends out as far as Montgomery, Magnolia, Katy, Houston, Conroe, Willis and Hempstead.

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor Kitchens Spring, TX Outdoor kitchens are permanent structures that could cost a huge amount of money, so they must be well-thought-out and well-built to last a lifetime. And when it comes to beautiful outdoor kitchen designs, we are the perfect company to hire. We will custom design your dream kitchen by incorporating the elements and amenities that you desire

Our designers consider several factors when designing kitchens. First are the specific amenities to be included like BBQ grills, burners, refrigerator, and storage. We also consider the design of the house since we want to achieve a seamless look. It’s also critical to take into account the available space and your budget to correctly determine the materials to be used and the features to be added to the design plan. By properly considering these factors, we will give you an outdoor kitchen design that will be both stunning and fully functional.

Outdoor Kitchens Spring, TX

Long-lasting Outdoor Kitchens

Our company puts a premium on creating outdoor kitchens that last not just for a few years but for many decades. And our lengthy experience building these outdoor features tells us that one of the keys to achieving this result is to use only the finest building materials. Accordingly, one quality that makes our outdoor kitchen creations stand out is their exceptional durability. By using only top-grade materials and kitchen appliances, we’re able to install kitchens that are functional, stunning, and long-lasting. Click here to see our Outdoor Kitchen Gallery. »

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